Circle of Trust (COT) is an outpatient behavioral/mental health and wellness program that provides screening, intervention, and referral to treatment for black men in the LGBTQ/SGL community ages 18+ experiencing depression or similar mental illnesses.

Our work goes towards breaking the silence surrounding mental health issues that plague our community and to empower gentlemen of color to live their best life.


Every Last Saturday

The Circle of Trust (COT) TransVOICE Support Group endeavors to provide Trans Gentlemen with a safe haven where they feel supported and empowered to share life experiences, build meaningful bonds with other transmen, and to foster trust through education and partnership.

Trans people experience rampant workplace discrimination, a lack of sufficient access to quality healthcare, difficulties in obtaining appropriate name and gender designations on their identity documents, disparate safety & economic security and many other issues that impact their optimal wellness. Trans VOICE will offer the space and support these gentlemen need to breathe life into the vision statement: "we are more than our transition".

This group convenes on the last Saturday of each month and is facilitated by Malik Santiago of the Dekalb Co. Sheriff's Office.


Every 2nd Wednesday

The Circle of Trust (COT) General Support Group is a forum created to provide black Gay, Bisexual, and Trans men with a space to safely process thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to strengthen their psychological and emotional fitness.

The group specifically addresses a myriad of mental health issues that affect the black GBT community of color such as: low self-esteem, depression and other mental health disorders, weight or diet problems, fear of and stigma surrounding coming out, self-scrutiny in the mirror or self-criticism.

Our intention is to educate, provide skills development, and encourage peer support to assist with individual growth and improving personal well-being.

This group convenes on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and is facilitated by Roderick Watkins, LPC.


Every 2nd Wednesday

The Circle of Trust (COT) Living with HIV/AIDS Support Group stands on the belief that our prevention, support and education efforts must be as infectious as HIV. Our goal is to spread the awareness that people living with HIV can shift from surviving to thriving.

The group will address sociological and psychological issues that may impact treatment, care, and barriers to becoming your best self. The group will offer the opportunity to learn from the collective experiences of group members, skills to gain insight into self, and techniques to stand tall in truth.

This group convenes on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and is facilitated by Jon Diggs, LPC.


Every 4th Tuesday

The Circle of Trust (COT) College Support Group is a forum created to provide students with a space to safely process thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as well as voice their opinions and perspectives about critical experiences that occur during the transitional phase of college life.

The group specifically addresses individual, family, social, sexual, and psychological difficulties experienced by GBTQ-identifying students of color. It also seeks to provide education, skills development, and a peer support system to assist students with meeting academic goals, self-esteem issues, and improving their overall quality of life.

In partnership with Morehouse Safe Space, this group convenes on the 4th Tuesday of the month and is facilitated by Lerone Hunt, MSc.

A Community In Need

LGBTQ people are 3x more likely to experience a Mental Health condition than their straight counterparts.

LGBTQ individuals are 4x more likely to attempt suicide than the general population.

Rate of substance abuse among the LGBTQ community (compared to 9% of the general population).

LGBTQ teens are 6x more likely to experience symptoms of depression than the general population.

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